Completing Your User Profile

Completing your user profile is one of the best ways to enable virtual collaboration and find other users that have similar interests and expertise. To edit your profile, hover over your name in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage, then go to ‘Profile’ and ‘Edit.’ (Note: You can edit your profile at any time!)

Be sure to fill out the following four sections so others with common interests can find you and connect:

Contact Details

More than just the normal fields, these convert to hyperlinks so people can easily locate you on the site and understand which project(s) (if applicable) you’re working on.  In this section you can note your name, contact information, which PCORTF project(s) you are working on, and you can even link your profile to your social media profiles (e.g. LinkedIn) if that’s of interest. You can also control your privacy settings for certain fields.


This is a space for you to tell us more about your current role in your organization and background. What are your areas of expertise? What other special projects are you working on? Let others know here.

Areas of Interest

Check the topics that most interest you. You may select areas in which you specialize, or those which you would like to learn more about. Once you have selected some, the platform will link you with others with the same interests. When viewing profiles in the Member Directory you can click on an area of interest and see a list of everyone who selected the same choice.

Stakeholder Type

On this tab, you can indicate your stakeholder type (e.g. PCORTF awardee, ASPE staff, Resource Center staff, etc.), which will also link you with your peers as noted above. Note, you can select more than one stakeholder type if applicable.

QUESTIONS? Contact Beth or Caitlin. We are always here to help!